Income Tax Return Filing Online From home using Smartphone

By Sohan Mali     24/05/2023

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What is ITR?

ITR stands for Income Tax Return, which is a form used to file tax returns and contains information about a taxpayer's income and total assets.


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If someone's income falls within the prescribed limit, but they deposit/maintain ₹1,00,00,000 (1 crore) or more in a current account, they will come under the purview of the Income Tax Return (ITR).

We are informing you about a portal/website that can help you fill out an ITR from the comfort of your home, and it also provides assistance from an eCA to ensure that the ITR form is filled out correctly.

Tax2win is a platform that offers customers an instant solution for any tax-related issues. It is the leading income tax return filing platform that gives a quick, easy, hassle-free tax filing experience. 

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What is ITR filing

This is a form detailing the annual income and paid taxes of an individual.


File your Income Tax Return and get refund of the Excess TDS deducted on your transactions and cash withdrawls

Filing an ITR is mandatory for individuals and entities meeting certain income thresholds 

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