Job Loss Plan for 2023

In this web story, you will Get a Job Loss Plan for 2023 with the Best Plan Cost and salary amount covered in this job loss plan.

By Sohan Mali      07.05.2023

If you are a private employee and want get financial security after Job Loss

According to this job loss plan if you are getting salary ₹10,000 and above per month you can availe Job Loss plan

Your CIBIL score must be 630 and above to get Gromo Job Loss plan benefits

Company should be lisited on Gromo Job Loss Plan portal where you are working more than 6 months

Age must be 18 years to 55 year and you have a valid PAN card linked with mobile number

You should be full-time salaried proffessional and Monthly salary must be Rs. 10,000 and above

Job Loss Plan अब नौकरी जाने की झंझट से पाए मुक्ति 3 महीने तक घर बैठे मिलेगी सैलेरी