How to Lock or unlock Aadhaar card, and avoid misuse in 2023

Cyber threats are increasing recent years. Too  many  people are facing probelms of Aadahar related frauds

In this  web story we are sharing about,how to prevent to  misuse of aadhaar card

To lock or  unlock your   aadhar card you need to visit uidai official   website  which is  given  in next slide

Now select  'My Aadhar'  Option  and  Click on 'Aadhar  Service' from  main menu oadhar website

Now click  on  Lock/Unlock Biometrics

Enter your  Aadhar Number then fill catpcha  code, Now click on  Send  OTP

Now you will get an OTP fill this and submit then you will find an option of Lock/Unlock