Auction of The Sword of Tipu Sultan

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By: Sohan mali

Tipu Sultan, also known as Sultan Fateh Ali Sahab Tipu, was a prominent ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in South India. 


He was born on November 20, 1750, and died on May 4, 1799. Tipu Sultan was the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali, who was the ruler of Mysore before him. 

Tipu Sultan Born


The Sword of Tipu Sultan, also known as the "Tiger of Mysore Sword," is a historical artifact associated with Tipu Sultan. 

The Swords of Tipu Sultan


The sword is known for its distinctive design and craftsmanship. It features a curved blade with intricate gold and silver work, including engravings of tigers, Islamic calligraphy, and floral patterns. 

The Sword also known as:


The bedchamber sword of Tipu Sultan, the 18th-century ruler of Mysuru, has been sold for 14 million pounds ($17.4 million or Rs 143 crore) at Bonhams Islamic and Indian Art sale, an auction house in London. 

Auction of the  Sword of Tipu Sultan


This is a new auction world record for an Indian and Islamic object.  As per a press release by Bonhams, the sword was estimated at around 1,500,000-2,000,000 pounds. 

Auction of the  Sword of Tipu Sultan


Bonhams further said that the sword was the most important of the weapons with a proven personal association with the ruler.  

Auction of the  Sword of Tipu Sultan

The Sword of Tipu Sultan gained significant attention and popularity due to its association with Tipu Sultan's resistance against British colonialism.  

The Winner

The sword has been displayed in various museums and collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the National Museum in New Delhi. 

Sword in Museum